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Gordon Parks Used His Camera as a Weapon—of Political Change – ARTnews.com

Shaft, the pioneering blaxploitation film directed by Gordon Parks, came out fifty years ago. To commemorate the anniversary, Howard Greenberg Gallery has mounted an exhibition of Parks’s photographs from 1948 through ’67 that purportedly exemplify a “cinematic approach” to the medium and thus foretell the artist’s successful crossover. This conceptual framework is a slippery one—after all, the look of mainstream cinema changed dramatically over ...

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Amon Carter Museum’s ‘Photography Is Art’ traces the history of camera creativity

I’ve loved photography since I got my first camera at 8 years old. It was a Kodak camera — a thin black point-and-shoot brick that used 110 film cartridges. I spent hours photographing everything around me: my dolls, my pets, my family.I wanted to fix the world in my vision, and taking pictures was a natural way for me to express myself.“Photography Is Art,” ...

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Best Action Camera Cases – ARTnews.com

Action cameras, the most famous of which is the GoPro, are built to withstand all the conditions of outdoor and extreme sports. Impacts, weather, water, and anything else that would spell the end for a traditional high-quality camera, an action camera takes in stride. For that reason, it’s a great tool for video artists and documentarians. But even though they’re tough, you can’t just ...

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Virtual camera club show offers art gallery experience – The Mercury News

The gallery where members of the Los Gatos-Saratoga Camera Club are exhibiting their photos shows off the shots to great effect. Visitors can view more than 100 images, taken by both professionals and amateurs, in two rooms dedicated to color and creative photography and a third themed room featuring “The Drama of Black and White.” And the fact that the exhibit is online means ...

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