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In “Born in Flames” at the Bronx Museum, Artworks Act as Relics – ARTnews.com

Outside the exhibition “Born in Flames: Feminist Futures” is a poetic wall text penned by curator Jasmine Wahi: “You are in the tender belly of the beast. // Cocooned in protective silks. . . . Enveloped in swaths of complexity borne out of a Kali-like maternal instinct:: both coddling and deeply-fiercely protective. // This is the first stop on your journey through an untamed ...

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Westport Asian American woman born without arms creates art

News 12 StaffMay 31, 2021, 6:38pm EDTUpdated on:May 31, 2021, 6:41pm EDTWestport mom Rosie Jon is a strong voice for Asian Americans, and a fierce advocate for educating others about their heritage, but that's not the only reason she inspires so many.Jon is an artist despite being born without arms. Raised in the UK and South Korea, she learned at an early age to ...

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