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Cosmin Costinaș, Inti Guerrero to Curate 2024 Sydney Biennale – ARTnews.com

The organizers of the Biennale of Sydney have named Cosmin Costinaș and Inti Guerrero as the artistic directors of its next edition, which is set to run in the Australian city March 9–June 10, 2024. Costinaș and Guerrero, who are both now based in Berlin, having organized several exhibitions together over the past decade, including the 2018 Dakar Biennale in Senegal; the 2016–17 show ...

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African Nations Are More Present at the Venice Biennale Than Ever—But Not Always on Their Own Terms

One week before the 59th Venice Biennale was due to open this spring, Jimmy Ogonga, the curator of the Kenya Pavilion, still hadn’t received funding from Kenya’s ministry of culture. It was the second time Ogonga had staged a pavilion for his home country, taking over after two scandalous editions in 2013 and 2015 in which Kenyan artists were all but left out. Ogonga ...

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Simone Leigh Asserts Sovereignty at the Venice Biennale – ARTnews.com

Initially, Simone Leigh’s exhibition in the United States Pavilion at the 2022 Venice Biennale was to be titled “Grittin’,” a vernacular term suggesting protective determination. Not long before the opening, Leigh changed the title to “Sovereignty.” You come to know why even before entering the stately Palladian structure, whose exterior she effectively obliterates with thatch that hangs low from the roof and a double ...

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The True Problem with the 2022 Venice Biennale: Its Eurocentrism – ARTnews.com

There has never been a Venice Biennale like the current one. Of its 213 artists, more than 90 percent identify as women or as gender nonconforming, a fact which has justly been celebrated. Its curator, Cecilia Alemani, has chosen to focus on Surrealism and the ways artists working today are breathing new life into it. Dotted throughout are sections devoted to Surrealism and related ...

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Simone Leigh, Sonia Boyce Win Top Awards at 2022 Venice Biennale – ARTnews.com

For the first time, both of the Venice Biennale’s top honors went to Black women. Those awards, known as the Golden Lions, went this year to Simone Leigh and Sonia Boyce, who won for participation in Cecilia Alemani’s main show and for a national pavilion, respectively. The Silver Lion, for a “promising young artist” in the main show, went to Ali Cherri. Special mentions ...

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Venice Biennale Diary: The Giardini – ARTnews.com

When I arrived at the Giardini Wednesday morning for day two of the Venice Biennale preview, a significant line had already formed at the entrance, and the VIPs were unhappy: surely this was not where they belonged. Some people seemed to be walking right past us, toward some presumably more exclusive entrance. One by one, the well-heeled collectors, art advisors, and Kunsthalle directors around ...

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Bolivia’s Venice Biennale Pavilion Marred By Accusations of Nepotism – ARTnews.com

Ever since Bolivia announced in early April the Warmichcha Collective as the artists behind the country’s pavilion at the 2022 Venice Biennale, the choice has been mired in controversy. The multidisciplinary collective and the pavilion’s commissioner, the Indigenous artist Mamani Mamani (officially listed on the Biennale’s website as Roberto Aguilar Quisbert), are set to present “Wara Wara Jawira” (“River of Stars”) this week, during ...

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