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Who painted this? Decades-old mystery in N.B. basement sparks quest to find artist

For 15 years, a mystery has quietly lurked in the basement of an east Saint John home.  It's an intriguing puzzle: a hand painted, folk-art mural depicting a well-known west-side Saint John neighbourhood. Its cheery tone is reminiscent of the works of Nova Scotia folk artist Maud Lewis, its colours and whimsy evocative of British naive artist Gary Bunt. And its sheer size — ...

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Rembrandt ‘fake’ abandoned in museum basement 40 years ago is likely real, investigation finds | The Independent

A “fake” Rembrandt, which was left in a museum basement for nearly 40 years after it was deemed inauthentic, may in fact be real.Head of a Bearded Man was bequeathed to Oxford’s Ashmolean museum in 1951, but was consigned to the museum’s basement when a leading Rembrandt authority decided it was an imitation.The Rembrandt Research Project, which viewed the painting in 1981, argued that ...

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