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Award-winning Pakistani painter who draws inspiration from corals

Samra Cheema is an art M-Phil student at the Punjab University in Lahore, Pakistan. With different forms of corals as inspiration, she uses her fingers to paint motivational themes. “Art is connected to the inner soul of humans, when you feel something you create art,” she says. Samra was drawn toward art since childhood even though her parents tried to stop her. Thankfully, her teachers ...

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Edmonds Art Beat: A conversation with Ed Hartman, an award-winning, musical renaissance man.

Ed HartmanI am a musician and often am researching new and creative ways to produce originals. One of the well-known resources in our community is Ed Hartman, long time musician, composer, award-winning tv & movie score creator and drum instructor. Recently I learned that this multi-talented musician is an Edmonds resident. I reached out to learn more about his work and to see if ...

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Today’s obituaries: ‘Art’ Pisano loved cars, was an award-winning CNY car salesman

Arthur T. “Art” Pisano, of Liverpool, formerly Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., died Saturday, January 16, 2021, from complications of Covid-19 and pneumonia.Born in Schenectady, he served in the Navy, according to his obituary.As a child, he loved cars. As an adult, he chose to become an automobile salesperson, and did it for 60 years, first for Pat Bombard Buick, and then for Honda City. He ...

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