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‘An Icon of Our Time’: An Artist Is Selling a $2.9 Million Solid-Gold Avocado Toast at Berlin Art Week

If you thought $14 was an expensive price for avocado toast at your local cafe, how about $2.9 million (€2.5 million)? That’s the cost of German artist Tim Bengel’s Who Wants to Live Forever?, a pure gold sculpture cast from an avocado on a bagel.  The artwork, which scans as a mash-up of Maurizio Cattelan’s gold toilet (America ) and duct-taped banana (Comedian ), is ...

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Art of the Avocado celebrates its artists

FALLBROOK – Fifteen years ago, two artists made a difference in the Fallbrook art world. They created an art competition that was not juried – that anyone could enter. There was only one restriction to entering –you had to see an avocado somewhere in the artwork. And so, the Art of the Avocado art competition was born.Those artists were George and Gayle Bamber; sadly, ...

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