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Italian Authorities Seize Nearly 800 Artifacts From Belgian Collector  – ARTnews.com

Italian authorities have recovered nearly 800 archeological finds from a Belgian collector worth a combined €11 million (around $13 million). The oldest pieces in the collection date as far back as the sixth century B.C.E. The trove of artifacts includes painted vases, amphorae, black glazed ceramics, and several terra-cotta figurines. They were illegally excavated in Puglia, a region in southern Italy, according to Carabinieri’s ...

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Amid child sexual abuse accusations, Paris authorities turn off Claude Lévêque light sculptures

Modern Dance (2015) was created by Claude Lévêque in the Paris suburb of Montreuil © ADAGP Claude Lévêque. Two local councils in the Greater Paris region will remove luminous public sculptures by the French artist Claude Lévêque, following accusations, first reported in Le Monde earlier this month, that Lévêque sexually abused and raped minors under the age of 15. The case is currently under ...

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German Authorities Make Arrests in Dresden Jewel Heist – ARTnews.com

Almost exactly a year after three 18th-century jewelry sets estimated to be worth some €1 billion (around $1.2 billion) were stolen in Germany, investigators have detained three German citizens suspected of committing the heist, according to a report in the Guardian. The arrests were made after 18 raids in Berlin involving over 1,600 police officers occurred on Tuesday morning, and officials said they had ...

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