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What Makes an Artist’s Artist? We Asked 6 Leading Figures To Name the Most Underrated—and Overrated—Artists of All Time

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but artists often see things differently from the rest of us. A masterpiece to a layperson’s eye might only make an artist roll theirs. On the other hand, we might be too quick to overlook an extraordinary work hiding in plain sight. We asked six artists what they think are the most underrated and overrated ...

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What Will Become the Next Big Art Destination in the Coming Decade? We Asked 10 Art-World Insiders

The world is working to emerge from a once-in-a-century pandemic. Employment is beginning to bounce back from record lows, but inequality remains high. The U.S. president is preaching the value of unity in a moment when the country is bitterly divided. But there’s one thing almost everyone can agree on: they really want to party. Sound familiar? The above paragraph could describe the Roaring ...

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The Immersive Van Gogh Installation Has Found Its Hit Demographic: Moms. We Asked One of Our Own for Her Review

As immersive Van Gogh light experiences have opened all across the country this summer, our staff noticed a distinct tread: Our moms were contacting us about them. Whether it was the magic of Van Gogh in family lore or the magic of Facebook’s targeted marketing, the phenomenon was real. But should we actually recommend the experience to our moms? Did it hold up? Last ...

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Full Report: How Much Does an Art Dealer Really Make? We Asked a Few Hundred of Them—Here’s What We Found

Valerie Santerli never imagined that she would be running an art gallery, much less two of them. But when her boss and mentor Robin Rule died in 2013, Santerli decided to continue operating the business. Nearly eight years later, she spends upwards of 60 hours per week managing Rule Gallery’s two locations in Denver and Marfa, with only a few employees to share the load.  ...

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