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What Is Dubai’s Museum of the Future? – ARTnews.com

In one of the galleries in Dubai’s recently opened Museum of Future, near the beginning of its futuristic displays, flickers in lavender-green neon the ancient Chinese proverb, written in three languages, Arabic, English, and Mandarin: “The ancestors plant the trees / the descendants enjoy the shade.” The writing on the wall is literally and figuratively clear. Given the multiple pressing challenges our planet faces ...

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Faith Ringgold Makes Time’s 100 Influential People of the Year List – ARTnews.com

Time magazine released its list of the 100 “most influential” people of 2022 on Monday and this year’s edition featured notable artists alongside the usual suspects of politicians and zeitgeisty celebrities. Artist-activists Nan Goldin and Faith Ringgold were featured on the list along with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, actress Michelle Yeoh, and writer Sally Rooney. Like always, the roundup is divided into categories of artists, ...

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Paula Cooper Presents Walid Raad’s Latest Fictionalized Histories – ARTnews.com

In an imagined account of Lebanese historians flocking to Beirut’s hippodrome to gamble on horse racing during the civil war, Walid Raad’s recurring, alter-egoic academic character Dr. Fadl Fakhouri annotates several images of horses at the finish line, recording “the race’s distance and duration, the winning time of the winning horse, calculations of averages, the historians’ initials with their respective bets, the time discrepancy ...

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Is It Time to Throw Out the Term ‘Muse’? – ARTnews.com

During the early 20th century, the Milanese heiress Marchesa Luisa Casati dyed her hair a bold shade of red, dropped Belladonna into her eyes to widen her pupils, and exuded a devil-may-care charm, bewitching anyone who came into her orbit. Artists Man Ray, Giacomo Balla, and Kees van Dongen were among the famed modernists who came under her spell. But it was a woman ...

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Who Is Gordon Parks, Photographer Who Chronicled African American Life? – ARTnews.com

To call Gordon Parks (1912–2006) a Renaissance man would be a massive understatement. A photographer, filmmaker, writer, musician/composer, and painter, Parks enjoyed an extraordinary career that landed him everywhere from Hollywood to the front lines for the battle over Civil Rights. Parks was a freelancer for Glamour and Ebony before becoming the first black staff photographer at Life magazine in 1948; later, he shot ...

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Can a Surrealist Hero Rise from the Dead? – ARTnews.com

I’m not particularly involved with art and am writing at the suggestion of my sister’s lover. My great-grandfather made his living as a bookbinder in New York, but he was also a talented painter in the Surrealist vein. He had a few solo exhibitions and was in many group shows, including one at the Julien Levy Gallery, which specialized in Surrealist art. I’ve been ...

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This NFT Project Offers ‘Digital Restitution’ for Looted African Art – ARTnews.com

What if you didn’t have to wait for European and American museums to repatriate African artifacts? Mulling this question, Chidi Nwaubani, the founder of NFT project Looty, decided to take matters into his own hands with his project Looty, which bills itself as a “digital restitution project.” “Our ‘Looters’ go to the museums (physically) and take back the artworks (digitally),” a ...

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Italian Police Recover Titian Portrait Lost for Two Decades – ARTnews.com

The Italian police unit in charge of cultural heritage announced they had recovered a portrait by Renaissance painter Titian that has been lost for nearly 20 years. Discovered by a Turin branch of the cultural heritage unit, a subsidiary of the Italian state police known as the Carabinieri, the 16th-century work, titled Portrait of a Man with a Beret, first went missing two decades ...

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