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“The Haretoise” & “The Ladybug” by AlfAlfA in Alberta and Quebec, Canada – StreetArtNews

Street artist AlfAlfAl recently just finished a series of murals across Canada. His artworks usually showcases animal-human hybrids, using a collage style to create otherworldly, mythical beings.b-sm = none; sm > 728x90;b-sm = 300x250; sm > none;His mural entitled “The Haretoise” located at Calgary, Alberta is an invitation to find your own speed, to walk at your own rhythm and pace. The mural is inspired by ...

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Artist withdraws work, calls for changes to Art Gallery of Alberta to address systemic racism

A Calgary artist who withdrew from an Art Gallery of Alberta exhibition this summer prompted the organization to take a closer look at its history and commit to take more steps toward dismantling systemic racism. Justin Waddell, a visual artist and associate professor at the Alberta University of the Arts in Calgary, has participated in the AGA's Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art — which ...

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Art Gallery of Alberta confronts history of never including Black artists in Biennial exhibition

In the 24 years since the Art Gallery of Alberta launched its biennial gala to celebrate the province's artists, the curated exhibition of contemporary works has not included a single Black artist. Curators at the downtown Edmonton gallery discovered this fact after helping participating artists prepare for this year's exhibition. The curators' conversations with artists about representation took place as support for the Black ...

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