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Stop DiscriminAsian Aims to End a Long Legacy of Anti-Asian Hatred – ARTnews.com

As a wave of anti-Asian hate crimes swelled around the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, a number of questions arose: Why had the art world, despite the abundance of Asians and Asian Americans working in its ranks, remained largely silent? There had not been an active Asian American arts network since Godzilla disbanded in the early 2000s, so who could reprise their role to ...

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Chicago’s Art Scene Scrambles Senses of Scale with Homegrown Aims – ARTnews.com

There is something reassuring about living in a city stretched along a lake. In Chicago, once you figure out where you are in relation to Lake Michigan, your sense of direction crystallizes. Streets snap against a grid whose point of origin is downtown at the intersection of State and Madison. Addresses increase or decrease from that center, with odd numbers on the south and ...

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How Cere Freeport Aims to Solve Major NFT Tech Weaknesses – ARTnews.com

Three years ago, Fred Jin and Kenzi Wang had an ambitious idea: What if they created one of the world’s first decentralized data clouds? “It was obvious that a consumer-focused data ecosystem was needed,” Jin said. “We believed that people should own their data and choose which applications to connect that data with.” Currently, major companies like Google and Amazon own the data clouds ...

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Ilana Harris-Babou Deploys Influencer Aesthetics with Liberatory Aims – ARTnews.com

“I always make sure I take an ashquavanga multivitamin, and I wash it down with Pepsi,” a woman says while gazing into her mirror in one of Ilana Harris-Babou’s videos, titled Decision Fatigue (2020). The artist’s works target whitewashed, upper-middle-class aesthetics and sensibilities by coldly skewering influencer culture and aspirational brands—parodying cooking shows, commercials for high-end furniture, and instructional YouTube videos, along with ...

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Art Basel Aims to Assuage Nervous Dealers—and More Art News – ARTnews.com

To receive Morning Links in your inbox every weekday, sign up for our Breakfast with ARTnews newsletter. The Headlines ONE THING IS CLEAR. This year’s Art Basel is going to be like none other. The fair is set to open in Switzerland in about three weeks, but some exhibitors have written a letter calling for the event to be canceled, citing the pandemic, the Art Newspaper reports. Basel’s global director, Marc Spiegler, has offered to create so-called ...

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American Love Project Aims to Unite, Heal Through Art – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

It's been said that art is a window to the soul. It helps the artist express themselves while helping them to better understand the world around them, especially when that world feels upside down.  On one of the final days before students at Dallas ISD’s Conrad High School returned to its halls, teachers gathered in the cafeteria to create, each completing a piece of ...

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Art for All show aims to challenge and include

After 18 months without in-person exhibits, eight artists in the University of Minnesota’s Art for All program will be able to share their work with the public and give them essential exposure.Nicole Noblet, a visual artist who creates colorful fabric art, said one of her favorite pieces is called “Fred the Friendly Monster.” “Fred the Friendly Monster” by Nicole Noblet, made with yarn medium. ...

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Auction aims to get public art project funded | Local News

WILMINGTON — A sculpture highlighting many facets of the community — from mountains and wildlife to hikers and kayakers — needs some more financial love before it starts going up.“We’re raising funds because we need some community support to get us over that last hump of fundraising so we can get the Better Places grant,” said Meg Staloff, program coordinator for Wilmington Works. “We ...

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De Anza public art project aims to give ‘Hope and Solace’ – The Mercury News

The Euphrat Museum of Art’s “Hope and Solace” public poetry project will soon add color and collective wisdom to public space at the perimeter of De Anza College. A series of scroll-like 8-foot-tall banners were due to be installed June 5 at Stevens Creek Boulevard and Stelling Road, flashing poetry at passing cars and pedestrians. One side of each banner includes art with three-word ...

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