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‘Orphanage for abandoned art’ yields a masterpiece | Greene County

HUDSON — The phrase “hidden in plain sight” usually applies to hole-in-the-wall restaurants or little-known hiking trails, not centuries-old fine artwork found in a barn in Kinderhook with bird droppings on the back.But that’s exactly how it happened for 90-year-old art collector Albert Roberts, who bought an oil sketch for $600 that turned out to be a never-before-seen early work of 17th-century Flemish painter ...

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Hardware Goods, Once Abandoned, Now Contemporary Art by Theaster Gates – ARTnews.com

What does a hardware store want? What do the house numbers, light bulbs, PVC pipes, mop heads, metal bolts, sandpaper sheets, and thousands of other items that constitute its merchandise need? What can they do? Theaster Gates has long engaged in projects that seem to ask these sorts of questions about objects and spaces, especially as they fall out of use: an abandoned Huguenot ...

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From abandoned to art in eight weeks: How street artists transformed one of Canberra’s dilapidated buildings

What was once barren brick walls covered in scrawls of graffiti and surrounded by long grass is now a bold and bright representation of Canberra's local culture and history.After sitting unused for 14 years, Canberra street artists have turned the old Police and Community Youth Clubs (PCYC) building in Turner into a work of art.A group of 26 artists have spent the last eight ...

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Beautification Project Adds Art to Camden’s Abandoned Buildings

New artwork is going up around Camden, New Jersey and it’s all part of a beautification project. For the “Camden Is Bright Not Blight” campaign, Camden-based artist Erik James Montgomery produced 100 boards featuring photo portraits of various Camden residents of all ages and backgrounds along with their personal quotes about what “Camden is…”The art installation will cover the typical wood boards found covering vacant ...

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Rembrandt ‘fake’ abandoned in museum basement 40 years ago is likely real, investigation finds | The Independent

A “fake” Rembrandt, which was left in a museum basement for nearly 40 years after it was deemed inauthentic, may in fact be real.Head of a Bearded Man was bequeathed to Oxford’s Ashmolean museum in 1951, but was consigned to the museum’s basement when a leading Rembrandt authority decided it was an imitation.The Rembrandt Research Project, which viewed the painting in 1981, argued that ...

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