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19th-Century Potter Thomas Commeraw Finally Gets His Due – ARTnews.com

For nearly two centuries, scholars had assumed that, like many other master potters in early 19th-century Manhattan, Thomas Commeraw was white. For one, Commeraw made salt-glazed stoneware, a technique brought to New York by German immigrants, and his first appearance in the city’s records, a 1795 directory, misspelled his name as “Commerau,” which made scholars speculate he was of French descent. (His surname might, ...

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Self-portraits inspired by 19th-century Iranian beauty ideals | Art and design

In 19th-century Iran, ideals of beauty were fluid and unconstrained by gender norms: facial hair was considered fashionable for women, while men wore feminine clothes and makeup. Using wigs and prosthetics, Shirin Fathi, artist in residence at the Sarabande Foundation in London, transformed herself into three Persian archetypes for her project Heart Throbs: adolescent man, adult man, and man who mimics the look of ...

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Bavaria Returns 19th-Century Painting Looted by Nazis  – ARTnews.com

The Bavarian State Painting Collections have restituted a painting by 19th-century Austrian painter Joseph Wopfner looted by the Nazis. Munich’s Neue Pinakothek, one of Bavaria’s state-run galleries, told the German press agency dpa that the painting, Fischerboote bei Frauenchiemsee (1884), was bought by Nazi Party leader Martin Bormann in 1924 for the Reich’s Munich headquarters. Bormann, Hitler’s functionary, was among the highest-profile war criminals arraigned ...

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A Mystery Artist Installed a Much-Discussed Statue of an Enslaved 19th-Century Explorer in Portland. He Tells Us Why—and How—He Did It

Last October, after a summer marked by a steady stream of protests in Portland, Oregon, supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, someone toppled a statue in Mount Tabor Park of Harvey Scott, a prominent 19th-century conservative and newspaper editor who opposed giving women the right to vote. Over the weekend, a new artwork appeared on the empty granite pedestal, leaving the Portland Parks and Recreation ...

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